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Clean Consult International SPA

Chemical Industry
The company

Who We Are.

Clean Consult International is an Italian chemical company that has emerged as a leading company in the fine chemicals market for more than two decades.
The core business is represented by the pharmaceutical sector and in it stands as a manufacturer/supplier of excipients for the preparation of pharmaceutical forms.

The company's other business divisions cover industrial formulation, detergents (industrial and community), dermocosmetics, and the development of Medical Devices, Medical-Surgical Prescriptions, and Biocides.

The company's mission is to ensure maximum customer satisfaction through the development, production and marketing of products in full compliance with requirements, but above all through the continuous improvement of its performance, including in terms of environmental protection, health and safety of workers.

The company

Fields of activity

Fine Chemicals and excipients for the pharmaceutical industry
Medical Devices, Medical and surgical devices, Biocides
Industrial Formulations
The company

They say about us

"Based on the latest statistical surveys on industry studies done by "Plimsoll Publishing Limited, Scotswood House, of Stockton " on the distribution of chemicals for industry (Italy), Clean Consult International Spa was analyzed and rated as one of the 711 largest companies in the industry, ranking 200th. It also ranks 76th among the fastest growing businesses in the industry."