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Who are we?



Clean Consult International spa is an Italian chemical company that was founded in 1989 from the experience gained in leading multinational companies by a few experienced men in the field. Thanks to the constant motivation of the founders, over time the Company sinks its roots into the national and international chemical scene.
Over the years, it develops products for some important industrial entities (FCA, Alfa Avio, Leonardo) and establishes partnerships that allow it to grow, improve and prosper. In 1999, it enters into a distribution and production contract with an 'important American multinational company specializing in Fine Chemicals (particularly in the pharmaceutical, food and electronic sectors) and in 2001 it acquires a division. For more than two decades, the company has specialized in the distribution of fine chemicals

and pharmaceutical excipients totaling more than 18000 specialties with different degrees of purity. In recent years, Clean Consult International spa has dedicated itself to the contract manufacturing of Dermocosmetic products and Medical Devices, providing, moreover, constant technical-regulatory support that makes it a reliable and safe partner to meet any need.

The company establishes its registered office with logistics platform in Lombardy in Lodi Vecchio and builds two modern factories in Castello di Cisterna (NA), in which the General Management, technical-commercial and administrative offices, another logistics platform, and above all the Production Department and Quality Department are located.


Our company today

Today Clean Consult International spa can count on a staff of about 60 professionals, including employees and external collaborators, articulated in the different departments constituting the company, and has dedicated departments for each type of substance to be treated. All operations are carried out by qualified personnel, who are constantly updated according to the standard operating procedures the company has in place, to ensure the maximum safety of the operators themselves and the integrity of the products.

The company


Solvent Hall

The explosion-proof room equipped with all safety devices, with pumps and tanksdestined for the packaging of solvents, alcohols and all kinds of substances classified as flammable

Salt Acids and corrosives

I, deputed for the production and packaging of acid mixtures of known titer and high-purity mixtures, equipped with localized vacuum systems and controlled-dose acid emission abatement systems.

Salt Department

It consists of three temperature-controlled rooms set up with high-efficiency filtration systems, dedicated to the packaging and breakdown of solid products and excipients for pharmaceutical use; the rooms are built in accordance with GMP standards, and in particular "Packaging Room No. 3" complies with ISO 8 classification.

Department of Dermocosmetics, Medical Devices, Medical-Surgical Devices, Biocides

Consists of three rooms conveniently separated and arranged in a line, equipped with mixers and turboemulsifiers for the production of semi-finished products, and fillers and tube fillers for the packaging of various types of packages.

Quality control laboratory

The company has a Quality Control laboratory that employs highly qualified personnel and state-of-the-art instruments, such as ICP-OES, NIR, UV-visible Spectrophotometer, Gas Chromatograph, Viscosimeter, Titrators, and everything necessary to test products in accordance with European Regulations and international monographs (Ph Eur, USP/BP, FCC, ACS).

The company

Organization chart

General Management

He coordinates both Sales Management and Plant Management, and oversees the activities of all company departments, from Purchasing to Planning, from Technical Department to Production, from Warehouses to Logistics.

Quality Management

(Quality Assurance and Quality Control) manages and coordinates the Company Quality System as well as all activities related to Environment and Safety; reports directly to the CEO.

Equipped departments
Years of activity

The company


Clean Consult International S.p.A. has received many audits in recent years, from major pharmaceutical companies to which it supplies raw materials, all with positive results and always considered by the company as an opportunity for growth and improvement.

Clean Consult International S.p.A. is a company with UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 Certified Quality System. The Certificate was issued by the SQS Certification Body, with number CH/35781, on 21/02/2018. The certificate is valid for three years, expiring on 11/02/2021. The validity of the above Certification is subject to annual periodic surveillance and comprehensive review of the quality system every three years.

The UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 Certification issued to Clean Consult International refers to the activities of development, marketing and production of high-purity specialty chemicals, and excipients for the pharmaceutical sector and ingredients for the cosmetic sector.

Clean Consult International also holds UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 Certification for the Environmental Management System issued by the SQS Certification Body, with number CH/35781, on 02/21/2018 valid for three years and expiring on 11/02/2021.
The validity of the above Certification is subject to annual periodic surveillance and comprehensive quality system review every three years

Clean Consult International has also achieved GMP Certification for ingredients for cosmetic use in accordance with the EFfCI GMP Standard for Cosmetic Ingredients 2017, also issued by SQS, with number 51113 on 21/02/2018 with three-year validity and expiring on 11/02/2021. The validity of the above Certification is subject to annual periodic surveillance and comprehensive quality system review every three years.

To complete this path, in the year 2019 it obtained the 13485 Certification for the design also on behalf of third parties and marketing of medical devices in solution for topical use, certificate number 17886-M, issued on 17/07/2019 and expiring on 16/07/2020. During the year 2020, Clean Consult International Spa continues its journey with the application for authorization as a workshop for the production of Medical Surgical Presides (PMCs) by the Istituto Superiore della Sanità, having produced Gel Hand Disinfectants according to the guidelines of the Istituto Superiore di Sanità and Surface Disinfectants that will be registered as biocides.