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Fields of activity

Fine Chemicals and excipients
for pharmaceutical industry

Clean Consult International spa specializes in the distribution of Fine Chemicals and ExcipientsPharmaceuticals, with over 180 substances supplied with different degrees of purity and in different combinations/packages. All products are subjected to strict analytical control by the Quality Control laboratory, in accordance with international monographs (Ph Eur, USP/BP, FCC, ACS). Moreover, Clean Consult International spa implements a careful selection of suppliers and raw materials, ensuring high quality and safety standards according to applicable regulations and guidelines (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, IPEC, GMP).

Industrial formulations

Clean Consult International Spa specializes in the production and marketing of industrial preparations and detergents that can be used in different sectors such as Automotive, Navalmechanical, Food, Horeca, Healthcare, Institutional and others, each with specific needs, which the company fulfills with passion and interest, always guaranteeing the highest quality of the proposed formulations.

Clean Consult International Spa is directly involved in the entire production process, from chemical formulation to bottling to labeling, so as to ensure constant verification of product quality throughout the supply chain. The in-house R&D laboratory constantly tests and creates new formulations, using quality raw materials and exclusive principles that aim to achieve optimal results, safely and environmentally friendly.


Clean Consult International S.p.A. specializes in contract and own-brand production of dermocosmetic Skin care, Hair care and sanitizing solutions/gel.

All processing takes place in the dedicated production department,equipped with specific equipment. Closely related to production is the research activity that the company conducts in its specialized R&D Laboratory,the beating heart of the division, capable of developing new and specific products for every need in a short time.

The company's goal is to offer safe and effective products that represent a perfect blend of innovation and sustainability, offering customized solutions with high flexibility and dynamism and accompanying customers at every stage of product realization.

Medical Devices, Medical surgical, Biocides

Clean Consult International S.p.A. is configured as a reliable partner in the third-party manufacture of substance-based Medical Devices, bringing flexibility and rigor to every stage of project implementation. Since 2020, the company has expanded its business, obtaining the registration of a number of products made in compliance with the indications provided by the Istituto Superiore di Sanità and the Ministry of Health: these are, in detail, Medical-Surgical Devices dedicated to personal hygiene and BIOCIDES designed for disinfection, sanitization and sanitization of surfaces and environments. www.amoclean.it

Clean Consult International Spa guarantees expertise and professionalism from the conception and fine-tuning of the formula to the manufacture and packaging of the final product, providing constant technical-regulatory support in compliance with current Quality and Safety regulations.